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With unique forged carbon fiber mated with aluminum construction, the all new VPG Stealth Wheel represents the first VPG wheel without a built in DDU screen. Instead, VPG has worked hard to innovate with fully adjustable RGB lighting, side firing light-pipes and so much more. 

Stealth is made using the best materials available today including the highest quality components available from the automotive industry without any compromise. The innovative Stealth Lighting system with 37 individually controlled RGB LEDs will make sure you have all the data you need in front of you, while pushing it to the limits. The newly designed buttons and thumb rotaries layout makes each one of them accessible without changing your handling.  Stealth parts are all machined from billet aluminum and have been engineered to offer superior rigidity and the best weight distribution possible. Each wheel is handmade following the highest quality control and are fully tested prior to shipping.

Stealth Lighting system

Each one of the front rotary encoders has 4 individually controlled RGB LEDs that can be used to show telemetry data like ABS/TC/Low Fuel level/revs etc..

Each one of the side LED strips has 8 individually controlled RGB LEDs that can be used as ambient lights or to show telemetry data like green flag/yellow flag/blue flag/ white flag/in-pit-lane etc..

The 9 RGB LEDs on the top bar can be used as revs lights to never miss a gear shift again.

The 4 RED illuminated buttons on each side can be used as car spotter to keep your safety rating at its highest.

Choose the colors and effects you like and make Stealth yours.



  • Apex Tech Racing Supply has tested virtually every luxury sim racing wheel available and we choose to partner with VPG & Precision Sim Engineering to offer our clients the very best sim racing wheels. We feel these two companies represent the pinnacle of the sport and utilize leading edge technology and F1 level racing parts with the most cutting edge designs on the market today. Look at how thin and incredibly strong these wheels are. They are all amazing combinations of design and engineering resulting in truly top-tier racing wheels. Look at the videos in our Influencers tab below to see what the pros think for themselves.
  • Each VPG wheel purchase includes one free hour of driver coaching from one of our team pro drivers. Use this hour to help with the new rig setup and configuration or to take your racing to the next level in your new rig. See our driver coaching services page here for more information on this valuable and unique offer.
  • Every racing wheel purchased from Apex Tech Racing Supply includes ground shipping to the lower 48 states in the base price. No need to fill a cart and check out only to see exorbitant shipping prices and required duties forcing you to look elsewhere.
  • The all new Stealth features entirely new RGB illuminated rotaries, light pipes and buttons set by the racer and automotive grade high torque thumb and front rotaries rated at 1 million rotations.
  • New VPG Wheel Configurator software to configure the screen and LEDs of your new wheel in one simple click.
  • Includes forged carbon fiber third paddles so you can keep the lead in your next race!
  • Each wheel comes in an industrial grade hard case to ensure your wheel arrives safely and will be ready to go whenever you need to take to the grid.
  • For more reasons why you should buy the ATRS VPG Stealth Wheel please read our about us page here.



  • 290mm diameter
  • Custom injected moulded grips
  • 2 thumb ELMA rotary encoders
  • 3 front ELMA rotary encoders with 4 individually controlled RGB LEDs each
  • 350gf APEM 5G RED illuminated buttons (telemetry controlled)
  • Stealth Lighting system – 37 individually controlled RGB LEDs + illuminated buttons
  • M12 industrial grade connector – one of the most reliable and efficient connection standard for industrial machinery and control applications.
  • 5mm forged carbon fibre plate and paddles
  • Billet aluminium front and back cover, dual clutch and shifter body and arms
  • Dual Clutch Forged Carbon Fiber Paddles – bite point can be adjusted without any third parties’ software and while you’re in game
  • Third paddle forged carbon fiber – Available as Standard
  • 2 sets of UV printed caps included (12 caps in total)
  • Custom Electronics board
  • SimHub Device compatible
  • Wheel hub with 70mm and 50mm bolts pattern
  • Wheelbase Compatibility: Simucube, VRS, Simagic, Accuforce – Accuforce QR required, Fanatec bases – Fanatec Podium Hub required

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World Famous Dave Cam Discusses the New Stealth Racing Wheel

Dave Cam Says:
"This video won't do this wheel rim justice just how nice this wheel rim is. It's absolutely perfect. "
"I am going to be sad to see it go"
"If I was given the choice between this and the V-RSPG I don't know if i'd be able to decide between the two of them. That's how much I like this and I absolutely love my V-RSPG."


VPG Stealth Reveal Video

SIMRACING Cockpit VPG Stealth Review

Of all the companies I’ve worked with, both as a customer and a reviewer, no one owns the customer relationship better than VPG. Manny, the CoFounder, is always happy to jump on Discord to provide support, help solve problems with your sim and generally have a good chat about whatever you feel like. I own a VPG custom 911 RSR wheel, the predecessor to the V-RSPG and we recently reviewed the V-PF1, which you can take a look at, here.

Of course, when discussing their wheels, their energy and enthusiasm are set to 100% at all times. And, even though they’re a relatively small company compared to say, Cube Controls – size makes absolutely no difference to the quality of the gear VPG produce. In fact, I think they do things better. Yes, I really did say that.

Click here to read the SimRacing Cockpit VPG Stealth Review




Stealth Owner's Manuals and Setup Files Can Be Downloaded from Our Website Files Section HERE

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