About Us

Apex Tech Racing Supply was born from our three-year-old, pro sim racing team that competes at the highest level of the iRacing service. Hatched in 2021, launched in 2022 and operated by two friends, Apex Tech Racing Supply offers for the first time in the United States a curated selection of bespoke sim racing products and services including racing cockpits, monitor stands, race seats, steering wheels, and racer services. Our product selection will eventually include wheel bases, pedals, button boxes and other sim racing hardware and accessories. All products will be stocked in our Georgia warehouse and pricing will include shipping for a simple, unique sim racing shopping experience. 

Make no mistake, we know what sim racers need- and more importantly we know what they don’t. We recognize there are few luxury sim racing suppliers in the United States. Like you we grew tired of paying high shipping and duty costs to buy the best sim racing hardware from Europe, Asia and Australia. We do not carry every brand and product you read about on the Internet, rather we carry only the best products from the best manufacturers and we try to maintain inventory in our warehouse for quick shipping throughout the United States.

While Apex Tech Racing Supply has only been open a short while, we have been importing luxury electronic systems and products from Europe and reselling them in the United States for decades. We are not hobbyists stumbling into a pandemic opportunity- rather we are successful businessmen building a completely new platform for discerning sim racers to purchase the best products and services from around the world. We apply the same business processes and principles to Apex Tech Racing Supply that we do to all our businesses. Our vision is to grow ATRS into a vibrant user community of like minded sim-racers across multiple sims and racing disciplines. We hope you will join us on this journey. We are always available via email and our social sites listed below.