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Apex Tech Racing Supply Pro Tips and Tricks

We race what we sell. We assemble rigs and monitor stands for our clients, friends and family. Our pro drivers race with the wheels we sell. We make custom dashboard files and shift lights. We know our products inside and out. If you have questions just reach out and ask. Join our Discord community for sim racing conversations on all sorts of subjects. 

This section of our site is dedicated to helping YOU by sharing the tricks and tips we have learned on the sim racing journey. 

TIP 1- Clean Your Rig!

This is an easy one. The packaging and shipping will leave some dust, packing material residue and even marks on the aluminum extrusions when they reach you. But fear not, those blemishes are simple to remove and get your rig shining up and ready to build. 

And speaking of building the rig, during construction you may need to 'walk', wiggle and slide some parts together and that can also leave marks on the extrusions and the other parts. But again- fear not. 

In all these cases simply get some degreaser wipes or cleaner, wipe the aluminum clean and then dry with a microfiber cloth. Unless a scratch is deep enough to see the bare metal below the black coating it should come right out with the cleaner. We recommend 'Tub of Towels' in the yellow and black plastic tub but really any degreaser cleaner will work fine for this. 

In the example pics below this is one of the rigs we are building in house. In the first picture you see the marks left on the extrusion from wiggling the heavy pedal plate into final position in the rig before tightening the bolts. 

And this second picture is after simply wiping down the metal with the wipe then drying with a towel. Super simple and no scratches or marks anymore. Try it yourself and look at how great your rig will be. And remember- a clean rig is worth at least half a second per lap!



TIP 2- Elevate Your Rig!

This one is pretty easy too. Build your rig on a table or workbench or some other elevated surface and not on the ground. Your back will thank us for this one. You don't need anything fancy or heavy duty- we are using a folding table from Home Depot in these pictures. But if you want to use your new rig as an excuse to get a mac daddy, mega rolling toolbox/workbench then by all means do it!

Put a bright led work light over your table- or even one of those ring lights you have laying around from your lockdown zoom meetings will work fine. Then use a rolling chair and just roll around the table when you build the rig. Trust us!





Stay Tuned for More Tips and Tricks!