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ATRS eSports Driver Coaching

Apex Tech Racing Supply is proud to offer the opportunity to be coached by the Pros from our world class sim racing team. If you want to race like the best, learn from the best, and our Pros are available one-on-one for live coaching for you and your friends.

From the rookie sim racer looking to develop the basics, to an experienced racer looking to hone their craft, our coaches will be able to help you get to victory lane. Coaching sessions are tailored to your needs and experience; whether it's chasing lap time, understanding setups, improving knowledge about telemetry or planning endurance race strategies. 

After buying a session, we will be in touch to understand your experience and to schedule a suitable time and a suitable coach based on your car, track and desired focus. Further information is available below, or via email to our sales team. If you are a team that needs group coaching or a racer who wants to build out a coaching schedule we offer bulk rates upon request.



Apex Tech Racing Supply is uniquely positioned with our own professional sim racing team, containing a vast amount of sim and real world racing experience. You should choose us for your coaching needs because:
  • We have exceptional credentials. All our coaches are hand-picked, tested and have genuine experience in the sim or real world racing to ensure the coaching we deliver is of the highet quality.
  • We have a wide range of specialties. We have multiple coaches to suit your needs with different experience and specialities, whether it be GT, Open Wheel, Prototypes or Stock Cars.
  • We understand the student. ATRS eSports contains drivers of all abilities; our coaches hone their craft with their amateur teammates on a weekly basis, and know what drivers of different abilities need to perform at their best on the track.
  • Valuable Add Ons Included: The whole coaching session will be recorded, saved and sent to the student to be used for reference and review later. Not just the replay files in iRacing but the whole session.



Our coaching program is for any sim racer who wants to be faster, more consistent and more confident. We focus on the fundamentals and aim to equip you with the skills, knowledge and techniques to get the most out of yourself and your car. Our goal is always for the value of the coaching session to last much longer than just the time you are with us.



The coaching session will be tailored to your experience, and will tend to focus on one car/track combination that you are already familiar with. Generally, a coaching session will be broken into the following parts:
  • Pre-session prep: Let your coach know what car/track combo you’d like to focus on. This should be something you are already familiar with, so we can spend the time most productively. If you’d like, send a replay of your best lap so the coach can do some pre-session analysis. The coach will also set a benchmark time ahead of the session.
  • Introductions: The session will start with a short introduction from the coach and a discussion about your experience, things you’ve tried and anything in particular you want to learn.
  • Sim Setup (Beginners): This is a valuable opportunity to ensure your sim is set up correctly. Having correct force feedback, pedal, FOV and graphics settings can make a real difference to your driving experience.
  • Warm up and first laps: A chance for you to get warmed up with a couple of laps and set a first time with the coach watching. This will be reviewed live, with feedback given after the laps.
  • Lead and follow: Depending on your experience, the coach then may start a lead and follow exercise where you follow their lines and braking points. Having someone to follow can often make all the difference.
  • Five lap stints: Based on what you’ve learned, the rest of the session will be split into 5 lap stints, with the coach watching and providing feedback, aiming to help you understand the fundamentals of going faster.
  • Final review: After the in-game session ends, the coach will recap the session and show you your progress, and end with some ‘homework’ and further techniques to improve going forward.
  • Questions: Finally, there will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions.
This is just an outline, and these items will vary session to session and based on your experience. We always want the sessions to be tailored personally to you, so always ask questions and speak up if there’s something you’d like to discuss.


Aside from improving your lap time, there are many areas you can choose to focus on in your coaching session, such as:
  • Car setups
  • Sim setups (force feedback, pedals, graphics, ergonomics)
  • Racecraft
  • Traffic Management
  • Strategy
  • Telemetry
  • Post-race analysis
  • Replay Review From Previous Races
  • Incident Review and Mitigation
ATRS eSports drivers are road racing specialists, but we are able to offer oval and rallycross coaching as well on request. Get in touch.

Our Coaches

As a professional sim racing team, ATRS eSports can pull from the vast experience of many of our top-level drivers, with a variety of sim and real world racing experience. You can see the full ATRS eSports Driver Lineup here!



An iRacing veteran with 9 years in the service, ATRS eSports Manager Chris specializes in beginner to intermediate coaching focusing on driving fundamentals. With an engineering background and time at the McLaren F1 team, Chris can also help you further your knowledge of telemetry, setups and race strategy.

  • Speciality Cars: Dallara P217, GT3, Mazda MX5
  • Simulators: iRacing, ACC
  • Link to Chris' full bio here!


    Suellio Almeida


    Suellio started his Sim Racing career in the second half of 2018, with no real-life motorsports background. In 2019, he conquered the iRacing Formula 3 Championship several times, competing against former iRacing World Championship drivers and real-life racers. In 2019, Suellio started coaching other drivers in order to get funds to pay for his tuition at the University of Montreal for his Master’s degree in Piano Performance. In 2020, he found his passion as a coach and to this day has reached over 1,600 hours of coaching, including working with iRacing Porsche TAG Heuer eSports Supercup drivers, Red Bull F1 Engineer Will Goulbourne and drivers who conquered the sim racing scene and transitioned to real life.

    In 2021, Suellio became Porsche e-Sports Sprint Challenge Canada champion, competing against the best drivers in Canada and winning the opportunity to drive a Porsche 911 on a racetrack in real life for the first time. Still in 2021, he became finalist in the Red Bull Ring Masters event in Toronto, as well as driving a race prepped car in real life for the first time. In 2022, Suellio gathered funds from his own coaching and online course sales to accept the invitation from ApexV2R racing team and joined the Super Production Challenge- one of the most popular racing series in Canada. He was fast out of the gate and in his first season won two podium finishes and was Rookie of the Year. Also in 2022 he earned his first win in the Lucky Dog Racing Championship at the 8 Hours of Calabogie.

    After a successful first full season racing in real life and reaching 8k iRating in the sim, in October 2022 Suellio signed a contract with Logitech to serve as the sole “Logitech G Sim Racing Coach” forming a partnership that will carry on in both real life and sim racing in 2023 and beyond. Some of his specific real and virtual racing accomplishments include:

    • 2022 - First IRL championship and p4 in qualifying on the second race weekend in the Super Production Challenge, biggest series in Canada
    • 2022 - First two podiums in Super Production Challenge
    • 2022 - Lucky Dog Racing League - 8 Hours Endurance - 2nd place
    • 2022 - Lucky Dog Racing League - 8 Hours Endurance - Winner
    • 2022 iRacing - 8k iRating
    • 2019 iRacing - iRacing F3 Championship Season 2 - 4th Overall
    • 2019 iRacing - iRacing F3 Championship Season 3 - Champion
    • 2019 iRacing - Troféu Mazda s3 (iRB e-Sports) - Champion
    • 2019 iRacing - 4h of Daytona (Virtual Challenge e-Sports) HPD - Champion
    • 2020 iRacing - iRacing F3 Championship Season 2 - Champion
    • 2020 iRacing - F3 Bandsports T1 (Virtual Challenge e-Sports) - Champion
    • 2020 iRacing - F3 Bandsports T2 (Virtual Challenge e-Sports) - 2nd Place
    • 2020 iRacing - F3 Bandsports T3 (Virtual Challenge e-Sports) - 2nd Place
    • 2020 iRacing - Fórmula VC (McLaren MP4-30) Champion
    • 2020 iRacing - IRB P1 Speed Sportscar Championship - Champion
    • 2021 iRacing - Porsche Esports Sprint Challenge Canada - Champion
    • 2021 iRacing - Red bull Ring Masters Canada - 2nd place in the final against the top 8 in canada
  • Speciality Cars: Porsche Cup, GT3, LMP2
  • Simulators: iRacing
  • Link to Suellios's full bio here!


    Kane Halliburton


    Kane has been racing and winning on iRacing since 2015. He has been successfully coaching drivers on multiple platforms including Driver61 and others. Some of his iRacing accomplishments include:
    • 8K Road iRating
    • 5K Dirt Road iRating
    • 2 time Radical Official Series Champion
    • Leading 2022 Radical Official Series Championship
    • F3 Official Series Champion
    • 2021 Force Dynamics Dallara iRacing Grand Prix Championship driver
    • 2021 Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup Contender Series driver
  • Speciality Cars: Porsche Cup, GT3, Radical SR10, Open wheel
  • Simulators: iRacing, ACC
  • Link to Kane's full bio here!


    George Karakoulas


    George has been racing in Europe since 2005. Starting with Karts and moving all the way up to GT3 cars, George has a full body of knowledge of many classes of race cars. He now serves as a data engineer and driver coach for one of the ADAC GT3 and Porsche Cup race teams. He has been sim racing on iRacing for close to five years and also coaching drivers there as well. Here are some of his real life and sim racing achievments:

    Sim Racing:
    • 6k iRating
    • Porsche iRacing Cup : 3rd Place Season 2 2020
    • 10 Hours of Suzuka 2021 by VCO (Split 1) P2
    • Creventic 12H Spa P3 Top Split (R1)
    • 6Η Watkins Glen Quali P2 Finished P9 Split 1 (R1)
    Real Life Racing:
    • Porsche Sports Cup Germany 2nd Place 911 GT3 Cup Class 2020
    • Porsche Sports Cup Deutschland GT4 2019
    • Karting European Champion 2010 KF2
  • Speciality Cars: Porsche Cup, GT3, GT4
  • Simulators: iRacing, ACC
  • Link to George's full bio here!

  • Coaching Terms and Conditions

    • Sessions are one-on-one, and the quantity purchased is per hour which is the length of the in-game session; pre and post session conversations and reviews are included in the hour fee.
    • In-game session cost is included in the coaching price
    • "30 Min Trial" pricing option is limited to one, single use per client
    • We specialize in coaching on the iRacing and Assetto Corsa Competizione platforms
    • Sessions must be rescheduled or canceled 48 hours in advance to be eligible for a refund


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