Precision Sim Engineering


Apex Tech Racing Supply is now a stocking dealer for the amazing Precision Sim Engineering racing wheels. We couldn't be happier to strengthen our relationship with this industry leader. We have in stock and ready to ship the vaunted LM-X fully loaded with ChromaWorx adjustable LEDs, third paddle set and even the presentation box. We also are stocking the well known LM-Pro which is the defacto prototype wheel for the top pro sim racing prototype racers online as well as the GT3 Wheel that is based on the world class Sparco P310.

Precision Sim Engineering was founded in late 2012 by Simon Hodgson. 

A design and production professional by day, and a sim racer by night, Simon created the first Precision Sim Engineering product after failing to find what he wanted - a truly immersive, aesthetically appealing steering wheel. He sunk his personal savings into his first prototype, and shared it to an online racing forum. Pre-orders poured in, and only a year later, the first full production batch of wheels were in homes around the world.

By early 2015 Precision Sim Engineering was also working with professional racing drivers, sim centres and manufacturers. This lead to collaborations with championship-winning sim racing teams and custom orders from Formula 1 ™ drivers.

Precision Sim Engineering has continued these professional partnerships whilst expanding its off-the-shelf product range. We are always working towards making virtual racing feel more real.  By working with the best in the business, our product development never stops. 

Precision Sim Engineering create off-the-shelf and custom controls for sim racers around the world. We work with professional drivers and passionate players to provide immersive motorsport experiences.

We fuse functionality with aspirational aesthetics. We started our business because we couldn’t find what we wanted for our simulator system. Something that looked and felt like the real thing, but didn’t require extensive reprogramming or extra equipment. We’ve made our dream product a reality.

We approach product development rigorously and rationally. We design, develop and assemble all of our products in-house. We directly source our materials and hand-select our suppliers to make sure our products live up to our own high standards. We relentlessly test our products before launch.

We provide personal, unpretentious service and support. We get to know you. If you have a problem, we’ll fix it. If you have a question, we’ll answer it. Need a new feature or a custom design? We’re all ears. We don’t just ship and shoot.

We are honest, authentic and without ego. We still love gaming as much as we did when we started this business. We still get a buzz from being trackside at Silverstone or talking to professional drivers about our products. These things won’t change.

Precision Sim Engineering products are designed and developed in house, and hand-made to order. We’re driven by the details so you can plug and play, day after day.


All our products are designed in house from a blank page. With a background in professional theatre production, we’re more creative than our competition. We’re equally obsessed with immersion and aesthetics. We want you to lose yourself in the moment down the Mulsanne. The design of our controls should add to your experience, rather than distract you from it. Our attention to detail doesn’t end with our wheels; we’ve even created bespoke presentation cases and on-brand quilted travel bags to accompany custom orders.


Whether you use your simulator to prepare for a real life race, or to unwind at the end of the day, you want an authentic racing experience. Our products are developed in partnership with professional racing drivers at simulator centres around the world. Each new product is put through its paces during our extensive tests. We use their experience to make sure we’re producing the most immersive products on the market.


Precision Sim Engineering products are made by hand in the United Kingdom. We don’t outsource our assembly. Yes, this means our lead-times are often longer than an off the shelf product. But we think they are worth the wait. Every component in our products crosses our work bench, so we can ensure its quality. Whilst we produce more controls than ever before, we won’t compromise on quality or customer service.