Apex Tech Racing Supply Vendor Partners

We are proud to partner with and represent the finest sim racing manufacturers in the industry today. We think you will agree that Pro SimRig, VPG Simlab, Base Performance Simulators, Precision Sim Engineering and Sparco are all industry leaders in their operating spaces. Below is more information about each. As always, please let us know if you have any questions about any of our brand partners.

Pro SimRig is the leading manufacturer of extruded aluminum sim racing rigs. Started in a garage in Denmark by Per Strandvig. Like so many other businesses in countless industries Per was not happy with the rigs available so he built a better on himself. A few years later and ATRS is now representing and reselling this class leading sim racing rig in the United States. PSR uses the best quality aluminum extrusions and combines that with the strongest accessories and parts to make the strongest and sturdiest aluminum racing rigs available anywhere. 

VPG Simlab is a boutique sim racing equipment manufacturer in Great Britain. Friends Mike and Manny build high quality sim racing wheels and accessories to exacting standards and with unique designs not seen elsewhere in the industry. VPG operates a small team team with lots of passion for high-end technology and innovation.

VPG was born out of passion and love for motorsport and sim racing, shared by both of us. After successfully designing & creating custom wheels for our e-sport team, we decided the time was right to 'step up a gear' and created our first wheel completely from scratch; Elemento.

The main features of our wheels, other than their great looking (Thanks Mike!), are incredible stiffener and perfect weight distribution (Thanks to myself!).

The use of carbon fiber and 6061 CNC’d aluminum components guarantee the best feedback possible to the sim-racers hands.

VPG is quickly establishing itself as a forward-looking company with huge focus on innovating, designing and manufacturing custom hardware for the most demanding sim-racers worldwide.

We’re proud of our achievements but we’re not going to stop now! The journey has just began!


Base Performance Simulators is based in the shadows of the center of racing in the UK- Silverstone circuit. The company was started by long-time sports car racing icon and Aston Martin Factory race driver Darren Turner. ATRS could not be prouder to be the sole distributor and reseller of the BPS Blade Simulator. BPS has decades of experience in building and operating simulators for teams at the highest levels of international racing including Formula 1, World Endurance Championship and IMSA race teams. That technology directly trickles down to their luxury residential simulator model called Blade. Blade is a turnkey simulator that includes all parts required to open the crate and start racing immediately. ATRS technicians can even come to your home or office and setup the simulator and walk you through the operation and driving experience so that you are up and running quickly on the best racing platforms on the internet. And who knows- if Darren is ever near your home for a race maybe he could stop by for some practice laps!


Sparco needs no introduction to any racing fan and has been the worldwide leader in racing accessories over the past 30 years. They make anything from race seats and steering wheels that are used in race cars of all levels every day around the world to some of the best driver suits and helmets and other gear worn by the top drivers in F1 and all other series. ATRS is thrilled that Sparco is our sole sim racing seat supplier and we have chosen to feature their best selling sim racing seats on our website for sale. However we can procure any of the Sparco seats and products that you might desire so just email us any questions or special requests for this iconic brand. 


Precision Sim Engineering is one of the best known and highly regarded sim racing wheel manufacturers. They practically invented the luxury racing wheel market. PSE works with professional drivers and passionate players to provide immersive motorsport experiences.

We fuse functionality with aspirational aesthetics. We started our business because we couldn’t find what we wanted for our simulator system. Something that looked and felt like the real thing, but didn’t require extensive reprogramming or extra equipment. We’ve made our dream product a reality.

We approach product development rigorously and rationally. We design, develop and assemble all of our products in-house. We directly source our materials and hand-select our suppliers to make sure our products live up to our own high standards. We relentlessly test our products before launch.

We provide personal, unpretentious service and support. We get to know you. If you have a problem, we’ll fix it. If you have a question, we’ll answer it. Need a new feature or a custom design? We’re all ears. We don’t just ship and shoot.

We are honest, authentic and without ego. We still love gaming as much as we did when we started this business. We still get a buzz from being trackside at Silverstone or talking to professional drivers about our products. These things won’t change.