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ATRS Pro SimRig PSR1 Bundle

Apex Tech Racing Supply has bundled the critical accessories with the base PSR1 sim racing rig resulting in the ATRS Pro SimRig PSR1. This bundle configuration includes the PSR1 Rig, Side Mount, Mouse Tray, Adjustable Feet, and the Mouse Pad perfectly sized to fit the mouse tray. Of course additional accessories listed here can be bundled with your rig purchase and shipped together. 




  • If you live in the United States and need a high-end aluminum extrusion sim racing rig what can you do? Aside from importing from the EU and paying the taxes, duties and shipping fees yourself your options are limited. Yes, there are sim racing rigs available here but nothing of the quality, standards and value of the Pro SimRig 1. We take the best racing rigs, parts and accessories from Europe and stock them in our warehouse in Georgia for immediate shipping to your house.
  • Each Pro SimRig purchase includes one free hour of driver coaching from one of our team pro drivers. Use this hour to help with the new rig setup and configuration or to take your racing to the next level in your new rig. See our driver coaching services page here for more information on this valuable and unique offer.
  • Pay attention to the details when shopping for a sim racing rig as the details matter. Things like extrusion measurements and slot sizes affect accessories that you can add later. Robustness of the brackets, bolts and hardware ensure a stable platform for the strongest direct-drive wheel bases. Separate monitor stands not connected directly to the rig for added isolation and many more differences are readily apparent when you dig deeper. This is what makes ATRS different. This is what makes us special- we focus on the details and importing the best products so you can shop knowing that you are getting the best products at a fair value price.
  • PRO SIMRIG uses a proprietary aluminum extrusion design constructed from 6063-T5 aluminum resulting in the highest quality, metric-sized, heavy-gauge aluminum extrusions available with no burrs nor other imperfections. Increased thickness in key areas results in increased strength and rigidity able to handle the most powerful direct drive wheel bases. This is not off the shelf or from the catalog aluminum bits sold by most other resellers. Much of the aluminum extrusions sold in the United States is actually made to SAE dimensions of much lighter weight aluminum pieces. Will your hardware, fasteners, and accessories fit securely and stay tight in SAE sized extrusions? Heavy gauge aluminum means a strong foundation and no vibrations from even the strongest direct-drive wheel bases. Before purchasing elsewhere, find out the true specs and dimensions of the aluminum and the accessories you are paying for.


    For instance look at this picture sent to us by one of our PSR1 rig owners. At the top is the aluminum extrusion from one of the largest rig resellers in the market and at the bottom is the profile from the PSR1. While the measurements of the slots and openings are the same- clearly the design, heft and weight is very different. When Pro SimRig declares that it uses proprietary aluminum extrusions they are not kidding. The thicker walls makes it heavier which makes it more stable and less likely to vibrate under the heavy forces modern wheel bases and pedals put through a rig. The more stable your rig- the more consistent you will be, and more consistency means you're faster around the track. Period.
  • Overall length of the PSR1 rig is 135cm or 53.14 inches. This is longer than the competition and sim racers of all heights will appreciate the extra room and adjustability this offers.
  • The included feet are metric sized M16 bolts- the minimum size we have found to properly stabilize a racing rig of this size and weight. Other rigs use M12 or smaller feet.
  • All PRS1 flat metal attachment parts in the pedal tray, wheel brackets, feet and elsewhere are cut and finished from 15mm aluminum plate- 33% thicker and therefore more stable and rigid than other rig manufacturers.
  • PSR1 pedal tray is constructed from 15mm thick aluminum side plates and three pieces of 40x80 extrusion for extreme strength. In addition the pedal tray can be inverted to significantly lower the pedal height inside the base rails of the rig. Can your rig do that with your pedals?
  • We promise you will be amazed at the overall weight and incredible rigidity of the ATRS PRO SIMRIG PSR1 racing rig.
  • For more reasons why you should buy the Apex Tech Racing Supply PSR1 Sim Racing Rig Bundle please read our about us page here.



Every PSR1 Rig comes with the base section, seat rails, vertical section, wheel section (with a wheel brackets of your choice) and pedal section with adjustable pedal plate. Additional parts included only in the ATRS PSR1 Rig Bundle include the Side Mount and Mouse Tray, Adjustable Feet, and the Mouse Pad perfectly sized to fit the mouse tray. Of course additional accessories can be bundled with your rig purchase and shipped together. NOTE: NOT ALL ITEMS SHOWN IN MAIN PICTURE ARE INCLUDED IN THE BUNDLE

All parts, angles, bolts, nuts etc. are included.

Assorted bolts and nuts are included to mount:

  • Seats
  • Seat Side Mounts
  • Seat Sliders
  • Pedals

If you have a question about specific fitment, please contact us.


  • Length: 1350mm 
  • Width: 660mm (outside of wheel mount uprights) 
  • Height: 820mm (top of wheel mount uprights)

 Wheel Base support:

  • CSL DD/DD1/DD2 Bracket
    • Fanatec DD1
    • Fanatec DD2
    • Fanatec CSL DD (new)

  • Front Bracket
    • Simucube 2 Sport/Pro/Ultimate
    • VRS DirectForce Pro
    • Leo Bodnar
    • Simagic Alpha/Alpha Mini
    • MIGE
    • Other front mounted wheels

  • Misc. Wheel Bracket
    • Logitech Driving Force wheels (G29, G920)
    • Thrustmaster wheels (T300 etc.)
    • Fanatec CSW (V2.5 etc.)
    • Fanatec DD1 (bottom mounted)
    • Fanatec DD2 (bottom mounted)
    • Fanatec CSL DD (bottom mounted) (new)
    • SIMAGIC M10 (using SIMAGIC included side brackets)
    • Other bottom mounted wheels, or wheels that come with 90 degree brackets to allow bottom mounting

For more information on this excellent range of sim racing cockpits please visit Pro SimRig site at PRO SIMRIG




iRacing teacher, Noob helper, YouTube star and all-around good guy David Sampson aka Sampsoid rocks the Pro SimRig PSR1 too! Watch David build his brand new PSR1 Rig at his new house in the UK (August 2022)



ATRS eSports Pro Driver and ATRS Driver Coach Caleb John Lavender is one of the first Pro Racers in the US to race on the full Pro SimRig PSR1 and Triple Monitor Stand. He races in the top special events and leagues representing our team on the largest stages of sim racing. You can follow Caleb's progress on his Twitch channel here and you can see his full race bio on our ATRS eSports driver page here. Here is what Caleb has to say about his new racing rig: "The PSR1 is absolutely fantastic. This profile provides me with the rigidity and comfort that is required for me to perform without compromise. As soon as you start building the PSR1 you know you are getting your money's worth! Pair the PSR1 with the ProSimRig triple monitor stand and you have the ultimate sim setup!


Real Life Racer and Sim Racing Pro James Baldwin Gives a Tour of His PSR1


Real Life GP3 and iRacing Pro driver Emil Bernstorff sim races on the Pro SimRig PSR1.
Link to Emil's Official Website
Link to Emil's Twitch Channel




iRacing Pro Standout Markus Søholm competes in the Pro SimRig PSR1 racing rig!
Link to Markus' YouTube Channel
Link to Markus' Twitch Channel




Visit our Pro Tips & Tricks page HERE for secret tips and tricks that will help you build your rig and get you up and racing as quickly as possible. 

Pro SimRig PSR1 Build Manual and Dimensional Drawings Can Be Downloaded from Our Website Files Section HERE

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