The Motor Racing Checklist

Suellio Almeida

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The Motor Racing Checklist by Suellio Almeida

Learn Why the Pros are Seconds Faster

Apex Tech Racing Supply is thrilled to offer this In-Depth Racing Course for Intermediate and Advanced Drivers created by one of the best-known sim racing coaches on the Internet.  


 Improve your car handling skills


Do you know what you'll practice every time you go on track?


World-class driving techniques developed with top-tier drivers, deconstructed into achievable steps 



 After just some days of guided practice you’ll improve your driving skills in areas like braking, line choices in complicated corners, efficiency in practice, predictability, and confidence.


  • Foundations of techniques that increase in complexity as we progress

  • New concepts developed after 1500 coaching sessions

  • Exercises for development of muscular memory to the highest level of precision

  • Tips to identify where to improve the most time, a.k.a lowest hanging fruit

  • Exclusive Discord Community for technique development discussion


Simply purchase the program on our website and you will be emailed instructions personally by Suellio on how to download the program and get started immediately. For personal and one-on-one coaching with Suellio himself please see our coaching page here. 



Suellio started his Sim Racing career in the second half of 2018, with no real-life motorsports background. In 2019, he conquered the iRacing Formula 3 Championship several times, competing against former iRacing World Championship drivers and real-life racers. In 2019, Suellio started coaching other drivers in order to get funds to pay for his tuition at the University of Montreal for his Master’s degree in Piano Performance. In 2020, he found his passion as a coach and to this day has reached over 1,600 hours of coaching, including working with iRacing Porsche TAG Heuer eSports Supercup drivers, Red Bull F1 Engineer Will Goulbourne and drivers who conquered the sim racing scene and transitioned to real life.

In 2021, Suellio became Porsche e-Sports Sprint Challenge Canada champion, competing against the best drivers in Canada and winning the opportunity to drive a Porsche 911 on a racetrack in real life for the first time. Still in 2021, he became finalist in the Red Bull Ring Masters event in Toronto, as well as driving a race prepped car in real life for the first time. In 2022, Suellio gathered funds from his own coaching and online course sales to accept the invitation from ApexV2R racing team and joined the Super Production Challenge- one of the most popular racing series in Canada. He was fast out of the gate and in his first season won two podium finishes and was Rookie of the Year. Also in 2022 he earned his first win in the Lucky Dog Racing Championship at the 8 Hours of Calabogie.

After a successful first full season racing in real life and reaching 8k iRating in the sim, in October 2022 Suellio signed a contract with Logitech to serve as the sole “Logitech G Sim Racing Coach” forming a partnership that will carry on in both real life and sim racing in 2023 and beyond. Some of his specific real and virtual racing accomplishments include:

  • 2022 - First IRL championship and p4 in qualifying on the second race weekend in the Super Production Challenge, biggest series in Canada
  • 2022 - First two podiums in Super Production Challenge
  • 2022 - Lucky Dog Racing League - 8 Hours Endurance - 2nd place
  • 2022 - Lucky Dog Racing League - 8 Hours Endurance - Winner
  • 2022 iRacing - 8k iRating
  • 2019 iRacing - iRacing F3 Championship Season 2 - 4th Overall
  • 2019 iRacing - iRacing F3 Championship Season 3 - Champion
  • 2019 iRacing - Troféu Mazda s3 (iRB e-Sports) - Champion
  • 2019 iRacing - 4h of Daytona (Virtual Challenge e-Sports) HPD - Champion
  • 2020 iRacing - iRacing F3 Championship Season 2 - Champion
  • 2020 iRacing - F3 Bandsports T1 (Virtual Challenge e-Sports) - Champion
  • 2020 iRacing - F3 Bandsports T2 (Virtual Challenge e-Sports) - 2nd Place
  • 2020 iRacing - F3 Bandsports T3 (Virtual Challenge e-Sports) - 2nd Place
  • 2020 iRacing - Fórmula VC (McLaren MP4-30) Champion
  • 2020 iRacing - IRB P1 Speed Sportscar Championship - Champion
  • 2021 iRacing - Porsche Esports Sprint Challenge Canada - Champion
  • 2021 iRacing - Red bull Ring Masters Canada - 2nd place in the final against the top 8 in canada

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